Spinal Decompression

An Overview of Spinal Decompression from Elliott Chiropractic Clinic

At Elliott Chiropractic Clinic, we are a chiropractor in Newnan, and we treat a variety of conditions. One of the techniques that we use on a regular basis is called spinal decompression. 


What Is Spinal Decompression?

One of the most common therapies that a chiropractor might use is called spinal decompression therapy. This therapy can be used to treat several conditions; however, the most common is called a herniated disc.

When someone suffers from a herniated disc, one or more of the discs that usually separates the vertebrae ruptures. This causes the liquid to leak down the back, coating the nerves, and leading to shooting pains that travel down the legs. One of the most common things that we hear in our practice is that patients with a herniated disc need surgery. The good news is that this is not always the case. This is where spinal decompression therapy can be helpful.

The goal of spinal decompression therapy is to help patients who suffer from back pain. This therapy is used to stretch the spine. The goal is to create a negative pressure within the disc itself, allowing fluid to move back into its rightful place. Furthermore, the discs will be able to receive more oxygen and nutrients this way, leading to pain relief. In this manner, spinal decompression therapy is a non-surgical therapy for patients who have suffered a herniated disc. It can prevent side effects and complications while also providing an alternative to surgery.

What Is a Spinal Decompression Table?

When someone comes in for spinal decompression therapy, this is going to be performed on a table. There are lots of types of tables that can be used for spinal decompression therapy. Some of them have cable and pully systems. Others might move the upper and lower body independently. We will leverage all our resources to help our patients recover using spinal decompression therapy.

The good news is that spinal decompression therapy will not hurt! Most patients state that spinal decompression therapy feels good. Using props or pillows to keep the patients comfortable, the spine will be stretched slightly. Some patients require more than one session while others must experience total pain relief with the first visit. Our goal is to tailor our spinal decompression therapy services to meet the needs of our patients.

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